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Did your generator stop working just when you needed it? Has load shedding taken its toll on your generator? Did an employee fill your generator with the wrong fuel? Get your Generator Repaired by a trusted Generators Uganda . Our partners offer.

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Our partners have been hand selected to provide you with a quick worry-free service. enerators Uganda today we will connect you with a leading partner in Uganda

General causes of Generator failures

There are many things that can fail on a generator and often when one is not experienced it can be quite hard to determine what is wrong with your generator. Below we list some of the most common failures our partners repair daily.

Faulty or Damaged Wiring – Wiring may rust, fray, or even become cut. Wiring damage requires urgent repair, which shouldn’t be put off. Low voltage alerts, malfunctioning gauges, and tripped breakers are some of the symptoms of poor wiring.

Fuel Failures – Generator repairs are frequently required due to fuel issues. The contamination from the fuel tank itself is the cause of a lot of fuel failures. Algae, bugs, and sediments can reduce performance and clog fuel lines and carburettors when they are drawn into the system.

Bad Belts – Some Generators use belts to transfer power from the combustion engine to the generator. Regular use or old age can cause belts to deteriorate. Belts that are worn, dry, or cracked are readily apparent and should be replaced before they break.

Dead Batteries – Batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years to ensure reliable startup during a power failure. One should not wait beyond 3 years to replace the battery as one can not guarantee dependable startup when a battery is older than 3 years.

Burnt Components – During generator operation, electrical parts, motors, circuit boards, transfer coils, and other parts may be exposed to extremely high temperatures. High-temperature exposure can harm these parts and cause issues.

Leaks in the Coolant System – Heat sensors in the generator will turn it off if there are coolant leaks or when the reservoir level drops below permitted levels. Coolant leaks can have a variety of potential sources, such as leaky pipes, gasket failures, damaged cylinder heads, and faulty sleeves.

Engine Failure – Engine failure is prone to happen when engines are not serviced on time or are serviced incorrectly. Engine failures are normally caused by utilizing the oil for too many hours or not utilizing the correct oil. Smaller engine failures often include ignition failures resulting in loss of spark. 

Burnt Coils –  Often generators experience coil failure resulting in them not being able to generate any power or limited power even though the engine is running fine.

No matter what problem you have with your generator, Generators Uganda can have it fixed quickly and affordable!

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